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This is where Danny Schweers welcomes you to his world. There are photos, but the emphasis is text. His more purely photographic work appears at DannySchweers.com. Click here to contact Danny Schweers. Moseying 2023 In the spring of 2023, Danny Schweers, his wife, and their dog took a road trip across the USA and back, […]

Moseying 2023

My theory is that the high altitude, low humidity, and high pollen counts in the blooming desert caused my allergies to flare up in Flagstaff, Arizona on day 19 of our 39-day trip around the USA in the spring of 2023. Daytime was OK, but allergies made nights miserable, used tissues piling up on the … [Read More...]

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Photo Prayers

“Fill up on bread! If I heard that once, I heard it a thousand times.” That is what my father said when he remembered living in New York City, one of eleven children growing up in Hell’s Kitchen and the Lower East Side during the Great Depression. If I heard my father say that once, I heard him say … [Read More...]

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Our second day on the road was like a dream. First, we were in Warrenton, Virginia, a charming town self-consciously holding onto the past, to the point of not having traffic lights downtown. Then we climbed west on the Lee Highway to Shenandoah National Park, hoping to take Skyline Drive south, but … [Read More...]

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