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13 March 2001
I burnish a burner ring.

8 February 2001
Adjusting expectations -- Joe cleans his plate, Linda blindly types.

27 February 2000
Who would have guessed I'd turn out like this?

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These photos illustrate a difficult to learn lesson: to follow your intuition patiently. My intuition told me that these dishes in the sink were visually interesting, so I got my camera. At first, I was disappointed. None of the photographs fulfilled my intuition's promise. But, as I continued to photograph, the images got better.

This process is a familiar one to me, whether I'm taking photos, designing a publication, writing, or trying to start a conversation. At first there is the inkling of an idea, full of promise, lacking all reality. As I first pursue an intuition, efforts produce little of worth. For this reason, starting is difficult. But, with patience, intuition's promise slowly becomes incarnate. The hard part is persevering in the face of the initial disappointment.

If I learned lessons better, I would not get so discouraged early on. If I learned better, I'd remember that the first results of effort are seldom much good. Best to think of them as practice for the real thing. Best to have patience. If I learned better, I'd have patience.

My question to you is this: did I really intuit something artistic in this arrangement of dishes or was I simply putting off washing them? Was this an exercise in creativity or was this a creative way to procrastinate?

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Joseph Bousquet, Financial Analyst
By the way, I see now you are posting pictures of dish scum.  When I was in the seminary, Sister Corita came and taught us to see the colors in oil slicks. You have brought us the next step.

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Danny Nelson Schweers