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Dear Friend,

. . . "Who would have guessed!?" That's a question I've asked myself a lot lately, only it's not really a question as much as an expression of amazement.
. . . I asked myself that recently driving down a gravel road on a warm February night in Central Texas after visiting friends for dinner at their home in the country. Who would have guessed I'd have such good friends and be godfather to their daughter!?
. . . I asked myself that recently walking down an aisle at the Philadelphia Convention Center where only wholesalers and their buyers were permitted entry. My nametag said "Danny Schweers; Assistant to McCandless Design." Who would have guessed!?
. . . I asked myself that two days ago fixing the temporary home page of the website of someone who puts on fireworks displays, who lives and works one block away, whose face I've never seen. How improbable. Who would have guessed!?
. . . I asked myself that Tuesday after a cordial interview with the publisher of "Image - a journal of art and religion." I have trouble thinking of myself as a writer. Now I'm about to be managing editor of a national publication of poetry, prose, and art. I'm about to help coordinate the annual retreat "Image" hosts each year in New Mexico for 150 or so artists and writers. Who would have guessed!?
. . . Some people are self-assured or so I imagine. With a leap of gold-medal-winning Olympic proportions, I can imagine there are people so firmly grounded in their being that they are amazed by little, whose sense of wonder is reserved for the truly gargantuan, who only stand in awe of such things as the Milky Way and Donald Trump's ego. Me, I stand in awe of the ordinary and pedestrian, in wonder, for example, of the kitchen sink.
. . . The low winter sunlight comes through the window, brightly illuminating the primary colors of the plastic cups floating in the hot water and suds. Me, I get my camera.
. . . The square baking pan sits in the sink. The pan is full of water, soaking. The fractal conflict between the floating grease and the surface tension of the water reminds me of the formation of continents. The stainless steel background provides contrast to the floating organic crud. I find the image appealing and get my camera.
. . . I didn't mean to turn out this way but I'm glad I did.
. . . Who would have guessed!?

. . . --- Danny

Greasy Pan

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Fireworks Concepts
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Image - A Journal of Art and Religion"
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