Sunday Letters
Cat in window
Above: Bobie, who graciously allows me to sit in her chair when I work, looks out my office window. Seven inches fell on Tuesday, Jan. 25.

30 January 2000

Dear Friends,

. . . . I'll fly into Austin at 3:30 p.m. today. I hope to spend a week or more making repairs on our Austin property. After that I'll drive our aging Ford Escort to Delaware. I still haven't found anyone who wants to make that drive with me. Honest, there will be no yowling cats.
. . . .Yes, it snowed again here, seven more inches on Tuesday. Barbara had a snow day. She had booked a train on Tuesday to attend the "Healthy People 2010" public health conference in Washington, D.C. Lots of other people didn't make the conference either. She made it, but a day late.
Danny shoveling snow. . . .Me, I feel like I've had a snow week. Where did it go? Let's see, I looked at lots of e-mail from you and other friends. I worked on a resume, got insurance on just about everything, caught up on our finances, and prepared a budget. Much as I'd hoped Barbara would be able to support us on what she makes, the figures say she can't -- especially if we want to pay off our moving expenses AND eat.
. . . .Two milestones deserve mention. First, we recognized someone at the supermarket. We both thought this woman looked familiar. As it turns out, I had met her two and three days earlier. Ruth is one of the more active members of the Arden community.
. . . .The other milestone was to meet someone who knew someone else we knew. I had twenty minutes to kill in downtown Wilmington, so I went into a calligraphy shop to see what they had. (I don't know if Delaware is full of calligraphy shops or not. I just got here.) The husband and wife team were friendly and talkative. When I told them my wife was a medical librarian, they wanted to know if I knew two old friends of theirs, Diane and her husband, Lewis. I did -- they are the couple who opened their house to us on our second trip up here. Diane, like Barbara, is a medical librarian. Since that meeting, Diane has invited us over for an evening with the calligraphers. Do typesetters and calligraphers get along? The dinner is set for Feb. 13. I'll let you know how it goes.
. . . .Last night we joined a hundred other Ardenites for their weekly communal dinner. There were about a hundred people there. We sat next to a couple who has lived in Arden since 1945. Me, I'm signed up to cook in early May while Barbara is off in Vancouver, B.C. at another convention. Question -- D.C., B.C. -- why are her conventions always in towns that end in initials?
. . . .Peace be with you all,
. . . .---Danny

New Vacation Photos
Our correspondent in Bullhead City, Arizona e-mailed us some terrific photos of our summer vacation in Colorado.

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