House Painting, Wilmington, Delaware by Lionel Hampton

Photo: House at 2110 Orleans RoadExperienced Interior and Exterior Painter

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“Lionel Hampton, the one I know, isn't a famous jazz musician. He's a house painter in Wilmington, Delaware. He begins by visiting your house. He discusses with you what you want done and then tells you what it will cost. Some people want to buy their own paint. After you settle on a price, work begins.

“My house needed lots of work. It was built in 1909 with at least two modifications since then. It needed exterior paint when we moved in. Eight years later, Lionel painted it, one side at a time. Much of his work was preparing the surface. On our house, Lionel had to scrape almost everything, patch rotten wood, and resurface cracked plaster.

Photo: Lionel Hampton painting“It rained a lot during the job, and because it was early spring, some mornings it was too cold to paint. Lionel is a patient painter. He loves to paint, but waits until the conditions are right.

Photo: Saints Andrew & Matthew Episcopal Church, Wilmington, DE“I recommend his work. Several neighbors have since contacted him; he's working on one neighbor's house now (August, 2008). Since I build websites for a living, this Web page is one way of thanking him for his fine work.”

—Danny Schweers
2110 Orleans Road
Arden, Delaware

Saints Andrew and Matthew Church (SsAM)

Lionel Hampton is a long-time member of this Episcopal church and was hired to paint much of it inside and out in 2005. You can see the church at 8th and North Shipley in downtown Wilmington, Delaware. If you go inside, check out the auditorium.

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