Paris Steet Life 2007 La vie dans la rue

Here is a slide show from the spring of 2007 exploring the street life of Paris, France — la vie dans la rue. Almost all these photos are Shoot-First-And-Ask-Questions-Later images, taken quickly, then editing later.

Most were taken with me looking through the viewfinder, but many were shot slyly from the hip in order to disturb the scene before me as little as possible. Knowing I was following in the footsteps of Henri Cartier-Bresson, I would sometimes find a scene and then wait for someone to walk into it, completing it.

An exhibit of French photography at the Delaware Art Museum prompted me to finally post these images. That exhibit "French Twist" is a good one.

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"French Twist" at the Delaware Art Museum runs through September 15, 2013.


copyright 2007 Danny N. Schweers

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