Walter Lenoir

In the 1970s and onward, Walter owned Holleman Photo Labs, renting darkroom space by the hour and providing a small gallery space. He had the three photos below chosen by different jurors for the Book of Days. In 1981, he generously underwrote publication of the calendar. Whenever he hears that calendar mentioned, he grabs his wallet and cries, "Ouch!" (The book never really made money and sometimes lost more than we would have liked.) When we caught up with Walter in February, 2007, he was in his darkroom, developing film. He now teaches computer science to high school students in Austin, Texas, and recently won the South-by-Southwest Dewey Winburne Community Service Award for using new media technology to level the playing field between the haves and the have nots. (Dorothy Winburne, Dewey's wife, helped with the publication of the 1985 Book of Days.)

photo: Lenoir, 1978TITLE: Horse, New Orleans, 1974
in the
1978 Book of Days
April 16

photo: Lenoir, 1979TITLE: none (evil eye)
in the
1979 Book of Days
December 23
photo: Lenoir, 1980TITLE: none (war relics)
from the
1980 Book of Days
December 14


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