Kent Kirkley

In 2005, Kent wrote the following:

"I began my photographic career in Austin while in High School and UT. I photographed the University of Texas shooting incident with Charles Whitman up in the Tower, August 1, 1966 while working at the University Co-Op's photography department. I was friends with Ave Bonar, Maggie Steber, Rene Perez, John Van Beekum, Frank Armstrong, Rick Patrick, Bill Records, Marlon Taylor, Tomas Pantin, Jeff Baker and Russell Lee. After UT, I spent 1969-70 as a photographer in Vietnam.

"I began shooting for Austin Ad agencies in the early 1970s and moved to Dallas in 1973.
In 1977 I opened my own studio and remember supplying a photograph for the Book of Days, even though I was in Dallas at that time."

As of October, 2005, Kent was still living in Dallas, Texas. A biography of Kent and some of his photos of stars can be found at

January 9
TITLE: none [woman in high heels and lingerie]






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