David Johndrow

In 2006, David wrote to say he was still living and working in Austin, Texas.

Visit his website at

December 11
TITLE: none [dog drinking in back yard]

He wrote: "I took this photograph one Christmas while taking care of a friend's
house and two dobermans. I liked the look of their freshly planted sub- urban lawn. Also, the dogs were very animated. I shot one roll and like almost every frame on it. There were lots of unexpected moments. I'm most happy with a photo if it has something peculiar about it—something that makes me want to enter in and take a look around.

"I live in Austin and have been tak- ing photographs for about six years. I am mostly self-taught, although I did take a few darkroom classes at U.T. while getting a film degree. I work as a black and white printer as well as doing various freelance jobs—mostly music and theater. I do personal work on the side. I'm cur- rently doing a series of night photos in color."







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