1985 Book
of Days

PUBLISHER: Danny Schweers, Austin, Texas
EDITORS: Steve Dennie, Bill Jay, and Marni Sandweiss
DUOTONES, PRINTING: The Whitley Company, Austin, Texas
DESIGN: Danny Schweers

Thanks to James Baker, Lynn Barnett, Ave Bonar, Becky S. Bonar, Ben Breard, Barbara Brooks, Jerome Collins, J.B. Colson, David Crossley, Keith Dannemiller, David Donovan, Rancy Ehrlich, Jennifer Evans, Cecelia Franklin Hayes, Steve Freeman, Dewey and Dorothy Gilbertson-Winburne, Dawn Haslanger, Eli Haslanger, Ray Helmers, Ellen Hungerford, Carol Hunter, Paul Imboden, Bill Kennedy, Janet Kennedy, George Krause, Amy Kwalwasser, Sharmyn Lumsden, Ray Marroquin, Prince George McKenzie, Robin Milson, Roddy Parkinson, Mark Peasley, Dan Pipp, Steve Pumphrey, Larry Sanders, Bob Stafford, John R. Van Beekum, John Vuris, Patti Walker, Eugenie Wallace, Ellen Wallenstein, Bill Wright and especially Bob Haslanger and Roy Flukinger for their help in bringing the project to completion. The competition was assisted by The Afterimage Gallery, Dallas; Allen Street Gallery, Dallas; Art’s Photographic Supplies, Inc., El Paso; The Camera Shop, Ft. Worth; Capitol Camera, Austin; Keaton Kolor, Abilene, Big Spring, Brownwood, San Angelo, Snyder, and Sweetwater; Lone Star Photo Workshop, Austin; Phototec, El Paso; and Southside Camera Center, Houston.

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