1979 Book
of Days

PUBLISHER: Laguna Gloria Art Museum
EDITORS: Gene Binder, Ave Bonar, Roy Flukinger
DUOTONES: Helmer Johnson at Powell Offset, Austin
PRINTER: Gene Powell, Powell Offset, Austin
DESIGN: Danny Schweers
DEDICATION: Wess Comeau, Nov. 23, 1945–March 19, 1978. Wess was gentle, caring, light-hearted and intensely human. In everything, especially his photography, he tried to look beyond what the eye presented or what others took for granted. Although Wess used many different photographic techniques, all of his work had a unity of purpose: to portray something of the spiritual forces at work behind ordinary material existence. Although he died young, by no means was his promise unfulfilled. Just as Wess’s photographs are of those forces that give montion to matter, so our memory of him is of that vital force that moves every artist to search and to dream, to find and to succeed.
EDITORIAL OVERSIGHT: Ave Bonar and Randy Ehrlich.
CALLIGRAPHY: Kathleen Hogue.
NOTES: Each date in this calendar was accompanied by a description of an event in Austin’s history, for the most part relying on documents at the Austin History Center compiled by researchers employed by the Works Progress Administration in the 1930s. Historical research by Danny Schweers, Carol Hust Schweers, and Paul and Julia Murray. Calendar research by Carol Schweers and Linda Baruch. Additional thanks to J.R. Compton, Keith Dannemiller, Margaret Harman, Robert Haslanger, Mary Kaye Hemenway, Walter Lenoir, Mark Mitchell, Bill Newton, Jennifer Nosler-Comeau, Jane Parsons, Lauren Piperno, David Pugh, Ray Reece, Jennifer Ross, Bill Russell, Andy Sieverman, and John Timmons. Thanks to the staff members of Laguna Gloria Art Museum: Patti Candelari, Sandra Gregor, Art Little, Laurence Miller, Randy Puckett, Judith Sims, Susan Stone, Jana Strauss, Gini Terpening, Danh Tran, Mark Welch, and Susan Ybarra. Thanks to City of Austin staff members: Jo Lynn Hoffman, Sandra Matney, Dorothy Nan McLean, and Bob Sweeney. This book was made possible by grants and support by: Austin Arts Commission and the City of Austin, Louise O’Connor, Austin magazine and AustinGuide, William Broyles, Custom Photographic Labs, Pounds Photographic Labs, Capitol Camera, Holleman Color Labs, Austin Cold Type, The Darkroom, First Federal Savings of Austin, and Spiral Binding.

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