1978 Book
of Days

PUBLISHER: Laguna Gloria Art Museum in conjunction with O. Layman Graphics (Danny Schweers)
EDITORS: John R. Van Beekum, Ave Bonar
DUOTONES: Helmer Johnson at Powell Offset, Austin
PRINTER: Gene Powell, Powell Offset Service
DESIGN: Carlene Brady, Margaret Harman, Danny Schweers
PAPER: 80 lb. enamel
DEDICATION: Respectfully dedicated to Mary Ireland Graves Dougherty, November 10, 1919 to July 7, 1977. Maggie’s gentle touch left a deep and lasting impression on the many community efforts she gave her talents to.
TYPESETTING -- Danny Schweers at Austin Cold Type, Inc.
RESEARCH -- Janet Davis, Linda Baruch
ADVISORY COMMITTEE -- Amon Burton, John Christian, Jim Colson, Jimmy Jalapeeno, Russell Lee, Laurence Miller, Bill Witliff

Publisher's Note:

Having lost money on the 1977 calendar, I was not going to continue with this project. But then the Laguna Gloria Art Museum (now Austin Art Museum) contacted me. They wanted to publish it, which they did for two years. Copies from these years are hard to find. I have several museums that would like to have them. If you have a copy of the 1978 or 1979 Book of Days you would donate to a museum, please let me know.

On March 31, 2006, an excellent article by Denise Gamino about the Book of Days murder appeared on the front page of the Austin American-Statesman. That cold case, still unsolved after all these years, still haunts those involved in publishing the 1978 Book of Days calendar. The TV show, America's Most Wanted, featured this unsolved murder in 2007.

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