1977 Book of Days

PUBLISHER: O. Layman Graphics (Danny Schweers)
EDITOR: John R. Van Beekum
DUOTONES: Danny Schweers at Don Armstrong Co., Houston
PRINTER: Gene Powell, Powell Offset, Austin
DESIGN: John R. Van Beekum
PAPER: Monarch Vintage Enamel
DEDICATION: Minor White, 1908-76
STRIPPING -- Doug Armstrong
DISTRIBUTION -- Bob Haslanger, John Christian
TYPESETTING -- Jim Steinocher
with special thanks to William Newton, Austin; Doug Armstrong, Down to Earth Printing; and Don Armstrong, Co., Inc., Houston

I saw all these photographers shooting but seldom saw their photos. They were like me. Few people saw my photos even though I shot frequently. There did not seem to be any good way to get my work out in front of people, or any good way to see what other photographers were creating.

From that observation came the idea to publish a calendar. Happily, I knew nothing of the work involved, or how financially risky publishing can be. I am not one to plan. If an idea fires my imagination, I go for it directly and foolishly.

As it turns out, a small but talented photographic community already existed in Austin, Texas, in 1976. Publishing this calendar was my ticket into this community. The Book of Days may have served as a catalyst for that community to form the Austin Photographic Coop, which later became the Texas Photographic Society, a successful non-profit organization with members all over the United States and the world.

The calendar would not have come into being except for John Van Beekum, who immediately took on the role of editor and who made the idea a reality. He chose photos among his acquaintances and among others who heard we were doing a calendar. William Newton graciously lent me the money to publish this first issue. While the book never made more than a couple hundred dollars, and sometimes lost more than we care to remember, money was never our first concern. That idealism continued for thirteen issues. Who wants to do a fourteenth?

--Danny Schweers, February, 2007

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