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Welcome to My World
June 2005

Ferris Wheel
Here is how St. Anthony of Padua Catholic Church in Wilmington, Delaware, celebrates every year, with a sky full of carnival rides, mountains of food, and rivers of beer. If the Presbyterians put on a festival, what would it look like?

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Ice Cream Stop
I passed an old-fashioned ice-cream stand in southwest New Jersey and turned around. I ate my fudge sundae looking over this field.

Police Horses at the Italian Festival
With all that beer, the cops were out in force, as were their horses, which were constantly surrounded by crowds of children.

Queen Anne's Lace
Like stars at night choreographed by Busbee Berkeley.

Self Portrait
I spent hours moving these flagstones with a handtruck. The T-shirt, for Austin's Zilker Park production of The Tempest, was designed by painter Jim Janknegt, who loves to tear into projects like this one, re-paving a patio.


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