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Welcome to My World
May 2005

Roofer Girl
When constructon started on the apartment attached to our home, I didn't expect the workers to be so young.


Jump into the Sky
Touch the bottom.

Swim above
the jetliners roar.

The clouds are mountains
troubled with thunder

The inner glow
breaks the outer crust

all to himself

The Flatiron Building
in New York City is a photographic totem.

My Kitchen Sink
is a convention site for congregating air bubbles.

Dallas-Ft.Worth Airport
one of those in-between places

Business Men on Their Way
while I sit freezing them in their tracks

Dirty Window
Some year I will get it replaced.

Empress Tree
at Winterthur Gardens

The Garden Guerillas
A temporary pergola built in one evening.

Climbing Nightshade
One of the many plants sheltered by our tall hedge out front.

Jack in the Pulpit
with blooming Henbit and Azalea

Surrealistic Landscape
another view of Jack

Fourteen Photos from Texas
A week of visiting friends and a few photos

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Next month's photos
Price list for photographic prints.



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