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Welcome to My World
April 2005

Cherry Blossoms
Pink on blue.

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Civilization Reaches Its Pinnacle
Pink on grey.

Photographer and Model
The greatest city in the world is just a backdrop to any one person's life.

On Stage
In The Spotlight

The crowd roars with delight.

Bear Swamp Pool
This timid photographer finds something like home in Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge.

A Brief Moment of Sunshine
The day was cool and blustery, often with drizzle. Then, towards sunset, it cleared.

Great White Egret, Dark Trees
Bumping along the unpaved roads, there are no regrets, just egrets.

Steel Bars, No Prison
Horse stables are full of small birds flitting in and out, some making nests.

Sunset, Bellevue State Park, Delaware
The photograph is a faint echo of the real thing, a poor reminder. The real thing is ephemeral and transfixing; the pixels there whenever you want them.

Reflected Sky

Unbroken Reeds
The ripples expand in flat circles, the vertical reeds reflect in zigzags.

Suburban Abstraction Five
I declined the invitation to join my wife in the fabric store. This SUV was parked next to me with its opaque paint, and its glass that transmits and reflects.

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