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Welcome to My World
March 2005

Fels Oak
When our village was founded in 1900, Joseph Fels provided financial stability to the architect and sculptor whose vision became a reality. This oak tree bears Fels name. The Arden Craft Shop Museum, as I remember, has some wonderful photos of this tree being brought to the Arden Green in a horse-drawn wagon.

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Osnok to Indian Circle - Six
Sometimes nothing looks right. Usually when I feel that way, I watch bad sci-fi movies from the 1950s. Not when I worked with this and the following two photos. I just kept messing with them until I got something I could look at and rest.

Osnok to Indian Circle - Twelve

Osnok to Indian Circle - Fifteen
This isn't a rock, it's cement. Three times the old tree next to the fire pit at Indian Circle was patched with cement, but the wild things (drunk teenagers? ardent naturalists?) always tore it out and the Village's Civic Committee, on expert advice, gave up trying to save the tree and it was cut down, with this lovely, useless patch of cement laying next to it.

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