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Welcome to My World
February 2005

Downspout Ice
Some of my neighbors, when they see something unusual, call the guy with the camera -- me! In this case, ice had frozen inside a metal downspout and then, when it got warm, the ice came down all at once, breaking into perfectly regular rectangles after passing through the angled bit of pipe at the bottom of the downspout.

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The Gates of Central Park
Here are 30 photos shot on 26 February, 2005, of this installation in Manhattan. While not exactly public art, more like a public display, The Gates drew millions of people into Central Park in New York during the cold 16-days they existed.

Roll of Paper
When your cold is bad enough, a box of tissue simply will not do; you need a roll, maybe two or three.

Young Actors Workshop
Here is a gallery of 99 images taken during the Young Actors Workshop put on eveery year by the Arden Club's Shakespeare Gild.

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