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Welcome to My World
January 2005

Something in Her Hand
My wife had something in her hand and I had her in my eye, and all those colors. The photo on the wall is by local photographer Roberta Perkins.

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Big Snow
The only way I've found to photograph in a heavy snow is to carry an umbrella. Even then, the camera gets wetter than I'd like, and people seeing me think I'm addled, that I can't tell the difference between rain and snow. Here's a neighbor in front of our house.

Driving in the Fog
This photo was taken by a professional. Do not try this in your own vehicle unless you have experience eating a hamburger, talking on your cell phone, and adjusting your radio while driving. If you have mastered those arts, taking a photo while driving is just as safe.

Frost in the Bathroom Window
One of the delights of one-pane windows is that frost forms on them. The bathroom gets cold, but beautiful, especially if you look closely.

Our warm house melts the snow on the roof, which forms three-foot long icycles as it runs off.

Jack Sledding
My neighbor has retired and has much more fun than me, who can barely remember having a sled.

Ranger Sandwich
I love the abstract patterns that road ice, snow and wet produce on the sides of vehicles. In this case, I cheated, by sandwiches two photos of my Ford Ranger together so they overlap.

Soup Night
People come to eat the soup, not to be photographed. On a typical Thursday night in winter, 25 to 30 people arrive with bread, wine, salad, desserts, and other comestibles. If this sounds good to you, I highly recommend you give it a try. All you need is a large pot and a determination equal to my wife's. It also helps to have lots of soup bowls and spoons, often found at garage sales.

Gild Hall in the Snow
Yes, I removed the electrical wires to give this a 19-century feel. So shoot me! (with a camera, please.)

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