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Welcome to My World
November 2004

Pete Renzetti
One of the many artists in our village, Pete has a national reputation for many things, including his "Puddle People" which stand all of 1.5 inches tall. Here we see him at the opening of an exhibit at the Buzz Ware Village Center, putting on a demonstration. Note the two pairs of sunglasses.

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Japanese Maple
One of my favorite trees. It's sister, seen in the background, is half dead. I hurt my back in December throwing an anchor up into it. I call it an anchor, though it was just a piece of wood tied to a rope. It took many attempts to get that anchor up in the tree and wedged between limbs. Once there, I got the tree moving back and forth, rocking, until finally the rotton trunk snapped and I ran like hell to get out of the way.


Day Schoolers Welcome The Bishop
Here is a gallery of several photos on another website of the students at St. David's Day School, just down the street from us. The occasion was a visit by the Bishop of Delaware, the Very Rev. Wayne Wright.

Harvey Road
This is the busy state highway right next to our house. This year, after years of studying ways to calm the traffic, a few slight improvements were made, including a traffic light a quarter mile down the road. Effective measures, such as speed bumps or islands, were not politically feasible.

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