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Welcome to My World
October 2004

Bath Shade
If death comes knocking, fix the doorbell.

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It has been something of a surprise to see so many cacti flourishing in the Trolley Square area of Wilmington, Delaware.

One of the consistent experiences of photography is that an image comes to life when you first see it and then slowly becomes something static. Then you need to look harder, or look again later. The better the image, the longer and more often it glows before turning solid. They are, after all, only images, not something living. The same happens with written words. Socrates walked and talked. That's how he learned to connect to what's real.

My buddy here stopped by to say hello on his way south. He sat patiently on the gutter just four feet from where I sit at my computer, encouraging me to wander.



Lapping Leaves
Don't you love the way overlapping leaves catch the sun?

Pumpkin Cat
The brooding pumpkin looks innocent to our eyes.

There's are many things a poor city like Wilmington does badly but these tree surrounds are wonderful.

Spider Web One
Beautiful design seems to come easily to nature.

Spider Web Two
There are super highways in the grass, bugs hurtling down the thoroughfares at millimeters per hour.

Yellow House
These Norway Maples are loathed by the champions of diversity, who want forests full of variety and life. I wish all villains were so photogenic.

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