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Welcome to My World
September 2004

Arden Fair - 62 photos
Every year, on the Saturday before Labor Day, thousands of people walk and ride past my house on their way to the Arden Fair, an all-day event with crafts, food, games, antiques, a used-book sale, music, beer, and balloons. I am the event's self-appointed chronicler, an arduous task, as you might suspect. Here are the 62 best photos of the day.


Devon, England - 63 photos
A week walking on the moors, rivers and seaside, including Tiverton, Killerton House, Dartmoor Forest, Bellever Woods, Budleigh Salterton, Otterton, Exmoor, Lorna Doone Country, Oare, Dulverton, Tarr Steps, Withypool, and Lydford Gorge.


Cornwall, England - 71 photos
A week walking to the highest tors of Dartmoor, to the Eden Project, the Lost Gardens of Helligan, Saint Michael's Mount, Saint Ives, Wheal Martin China Clay Museum, Trerice House, and various standing stones including The Hurlers and Stonehenge.

Moving Day - 1 photo
When I am at my best, I take setbacks in stride. At my best, I expect to meet setbacks and, when I meet them, they are occasions for laughter. I laugh because it is so funny that I should be ambitious, me, who can do so little. But behind that laughter is joy, joy that I should be under God's wing and anything is possible. Setbacks, then, are occasions of delight and wonder: delight in the challenge and wonder in the glorious unknown future.

I was in the back seat of an SUV, sitting at a stop light, when I saw these three women at their best, moving a mattress down the street. They were having fun at it. I shot quickly, through the windshield. In this photo, they have just hit a light pole with the bottom front of the mattress and the woman in back is laughing, her head back to the sky, delighted.

At the time, I was on a tour of the various half-way houses run by Friendship House, a ministry to the homeless in Wilmington, Delaware. Why are people homeless? Because housing is getting so expensive and because so many people abuse drugs and alcohol. At least, that's what I'm told. Why are people delighted to be running into light poles with mattresses? That's what I want to know!

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