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Welcome to My World
April 2004

A photo of trees in the interminable April rain. Some trees are budding or in blossom, others are dormant or dying - like my neighbors! Click the thumbnail to see the photo. Friends bought this photo at an auction to benefit the Buzz Ware Village Center. I happy to say the bidding was spirited. This same photo was chosen by WHYY-TV as a backdrop for a report on our village's successful attempt to add five-acres to one of our forests.

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Another photo of the weeping cherry tree outside my studio window. I have photographed this tree in bloom many times, but nothing that really pleased me. This spring I went out again, in the rain, and made several exposures. Immediately, they were downloaded to my computer. Dissatisfied, I went back out with camera, tripod and umbrella. Finally I got the photo above, but not before catching this one.

This is the photo chosen for the first exhibit by The Photo Collective, a new group of local photographers. Click here to see all the photos considered.
. . . "I've got to go to work," says my wife. "I don't know if I'll work today or not," I reply, as though I really would consider doing such a thing. It is something funny to say when she's dressed and headed out the door while I'm lying on the couch in the sun still in my bathrobe. But it is also a serious way of playing with our relationship and my laziness and freedom at the same time. Actually, I did some work, the best kind. I wrote in my journal and, having noticed again the photographic possibilities of the wrinkled sunlight from the glass block, I got out my tripod and camera.
. . . We bought this house instead of some other because it is so ideosyncratic. This photo shows two radiator pipes that come out the wall and then disappear into the ceiling of our living room. Ours is not a house built by developers for re-sale. That's why we rushed to buy it.

April began with Honk! a musical comedy next door at Gild Hall. Here are 75 photos of my neighbors' antics with their friends.

In April, the Village of Arden accepted a check from New Castle County toward the purchase of five additional acres to Sherwood Forest. Without the aid of the county and the state, the purchase would have been difficult if not impossible. Sherry Freeberry, right, represented the county while three of us represented the village.

Umbrella Magnolia Leaf. It would not take many leaves from this magnolia tree to make an umbrella. We still have this leaf on display in our house, my one souvenir from this month's ACRA house and garden tour.

Graffiti On A Van. The graffiti on this van is ugly until you get close up. Then the curving graphic lines of black spray paint are appealing. Only one detail in this photo says this is paint on metal: the rusting rivet.

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