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Welcome to My World
February 2004

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Children Dancing Irish Jigs
Youth, grace, color, and surprise all characterized the dancers who performed at Lincoln Towers, a high-rise community in Wilmington. The dancers were there as part of Westminster Presbyterian Church's Neighborhood Assistance Program.

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Ice, Water, Asphalt
I love the way water and ice catch light, even better when they shine on a dark surface.

Woods in the Snow
Another few hours playing hookey in the falling white stuff.

A friend of mine makes regular trips to the Artic and Antarctic. I go to the Arden Green which, in the winter, isn't.

Standing Water
The Civic Committee of Arden wants to get rid of this lovely reflecting pool. They see a barrier to foot traffic. Me, I'd design the roads so they all collect three inches of water and all the light of heaven.

An Hour After Midnight
I heard this crash but did not see anything when I looked out. Half an hour later, the road was closed down with seven emergency vehicles and their flashing lights. This guy was drunk but sharp enough to claim someone else was driving, which meant his rescuers spent several minutes looking to see who else might be injured. His car hit a tree stump, became airborne, hit a pole, and bounced back, wedging between the pole and a tree. Debris was thrown fifty feet. He went into his air bag, then to the hospital. Sometimes I think tight curves are the best way to get dangerous drivers off the road. That said, we appreciate the work done this night and so many others by the volunteers at the Claymont Fire Company.

Domestic Abstraction
Another in my series of what may look like modern paintings but are just scenes I notice around the house. This is a piece of paper in sunlight.

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