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Welcome to My World
November, 2003

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These photos are unpopulated. Perhaps later I'll add photos of the many people who shared their world with me this month.

Preserving Rivers and Watersheds
The George and Miriam Martin Foundation has given away hundreds of thousands of dollars in the last few years to conserve streams and wetlands. The foundation recently asked me to re-design their website, giving me a chance to use many of my photographs of water in a good cause and paying me well at the same time—a rare privilege! Also recently, the foundation gave a grant to the Village of Arden to help us preserve five acres of Sherwood Forest, much of it part of the Perkins Run watershed. Visit The Ardens website to learn more.


The Race at Breck's Mill
This photo and the one above are of Brandywine Creek at Breck's Mill, the place Sadie Somerville has her gallery and the United States Postal Service has a post office. Sadie, queen of the Arden Centennial, selected ten of my photos for the Arden Fair Exhibit in 2003.

Ellen's Carrot Casserole
This casserole dish was scraped nearly clean. Having recently purchased Paul Klee: His Life And Work and having recently photographed a fireworks display, I saw both combined in these spoon scrapings. It is now part of my series, Domestic Abstractions, a series also known as Demented Distractions to the office workers in the Arden Office Park who spend hours on the job visiting all the nooks and crannies of this website.

Mom's New Blinds
I'm getting better at shooting first and asking questions later. In this case, I don't ask questions even later.

Fall Colors
Early morning fog, the sound of ships feeling their way up the Delaware River, and the sun rising in the East.


Fall Colors, Colors by Detroit
Red cars have no attraction to a true artist of distinguishing taste. Disdainful photographers shun the exhibitionist colors of fall. Me, I photograph both. I think, "Hey, you gotta see this!"

Ginko Pas-De-Deux
It has been decades since I was the American Deaf Dance Company's photographer.

God's Throne
Here's where God lives, high on a mountain hidden by clouds. That's the kind of longing I feel looking at such scenes as this. This scene was shot from a car racing north on Interstate 15 at 70 mph near Lake Elsinore in Southern California. I didn't turn left to climb those mountains. I'm turning now.


Kandinsky died but not before teaching nature something about painting the rocks on the hillside above Naaman's Creek

Sky Over A Retention Pond
I still remember with great fondness the many sunsets I watched while living next to the Pacific Ocean in Del Mar, California. This photo was taken near a retention pond on the border between Arden's Sherwood Forest and a neighboring development.

A wind storm blew through the East Coast on November 12 and snapped off the top of a sycamore tree, its bark painted like a tropical snake's. If it hadn't fallen, I'd never have seen it. Who goes up that high?

Tatooed Woods
I love history, type faces and photography. Naturally I am attracted to what people have carved on the smooth-bark birch trees in the woods of Arden. Carvings are everywhere. Eventually I hope to present a series of photos and, with the help of my neighbors, some of the history behind these memorials in wood

Bathroom Shades, Morning
Another domestic abstraction. Sometimes, sunlight coming through a window is the image of sanity, the spark of hope that can sustain a person for a week once they see it. Can that spark be captured in a few million pixels? Even if it were, how many would have eyes to see it?

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