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Welcome to My World
October, 2003

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Since I'm showing you everyone else in my world, it is only fair that I start with a photo of myself. Here I am, late at night, a solitary individual under a 40-watt bulb. There are big speakers on either side of my head. My wife is asleep, so the music isn't very loud. I am writing in my journal, a continuous effort of mine since 1982. On the music stand is The Artful Dodger by Nick Bantock, a beautifully designed book effectively using a typeface called Scala that Martin Majoor designed in 1999. Music stands make big, heavy books easy to read.

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Boots and a Collar
When looking for the surreal, there's no place like home. My wife likes fun things, so she ordered these frog boots. Our young, big cat likes to get in fights. A wounded ear developed an abcess. Those are two drains sticking out the side of his face. The collar kept him from scratching them out. For days he wandered the walls, rubbing his face against them. He's doing fine, now. Thanks for wondering!
Face in a Wheelbarrow
My banana and blender blade face was quite a success at the Arden Fair Exhibit at the end of September. One teacher took a poster of it to his fifth-grade class and had everyone write about it -- the first time I've ever gotten critiqued by twenty people at one time! (All the reviews were glowing, by the way.) Lifted by their praise, when I saw these eye bolts in the bottom of a borrowed wheelbarrow, I was inspired to add dandelion eyebrows, a stick nose, and a twig mouth. I think this guy looks a bit like Abraham Lincoln or, as a therapist might point out, my dad. The last therapist I had killed himself. Now why he do that? Was it something I said? One of the hardships the grandiose must bear is a feeling that everything is our responsibility.
"And when I looked to heaven, it was all aflame,
And someone's saying I'm to blame."
I love reflections, especially when they are self-referential and therefore mock my swelling ego. This pair of mirrored columns on East 79th Street in New York City are a delight. This photo of them is the second I've taken recently of multiple mes (that is, more than one me). Are such photos a sign I have multiple personalities? Last month I had six reflections in one photo. This month I'm down to two. That's improvement!

Twenty of us groupies, mostly from Texas, were in Manhattan to hear Jean Farris Fuller's organ recital at St. Thomas Episcopal Church. That's her in the middle, soon after leaving the Rainbow Room on our way to Carmine's, where I would break a tooth eating salad. This isn't a flattering photo of Jean, who is the organist at St. David's in Austin, or of David Stevens (on the right), who is the music director, but it does catch some of the New York frenzy that grabs hold of unwary visitors as they make their way at night through the big city. Also, note the reflection above Jean's head of the last three letters of the word "RAINBOW" -- reflected, it spells "WOE". Jean's had her share and is still as up-beat and fun to be around as anyone I know. If you know Jean, it may be as the piano player in the movie Waiting for Guffman.

First Leaf of Fall, 2003
This leaf reminds me of the twelve I photographed two years ago. Click here to see those photos. Saint Paul says we are all better off dead, that is, past the sufferings of this life into our Redeemer's joy. He then goes on to say it's our job to stick around and do the work we've been given to do.Bobie, my faithful feline companion of 18 years, is barely eating, though she keeps crying for food. She's been especially affectionate lately (that's her job) and, in fact, is in my lap now as I type, purring away. I thought she was going to die last year, but she fooled me. Perhaps she's fooling me again. Better Off Dead is, by the way, the name of a '50s-style band from Jersey City.
Addiction Technology
An odd phenomenon in my world at the moment is the variety of people asking for my help. For example, here's an outfit called the Gulf Coast Addiction Technology Transfer Center whose researchers wanted their website re-designed. Since their logo is based on an ellipse, I based my design on a group of overlapping ellipses. This work came to me via a friend who has fascinating stories to tell about hard drug use in Texas and Australia. I didn't know, for example, that heroin addicts often start by snorting and only take up the needle after about seven years, when they can no longer get high by snorting. Snorters don't consider themselves junkies, who are trash. So, when they can no longer get high by snorting, they face a dilemma. Do they start using needles and become junkies? Or do they go into rehab? Me, I snort pixels, now in year seven.
I've had three accidents recently and I don't know what they mean. The way I think, any unusual event is a sign, but of what? In this case, I was simply walking across a newly-mowed field at a charitable event in the Brandywine Valley when I stepped into a hole. It was only two feet deep, about 18 inches round, cased in concrete. I went down. I could have easily broken a leg but the only thing I broke was the UV filter on my camera. If you click on the photo of the broken filter, you'll see a photo of my friend Jack taken later that afternoon.
Impractical Horsewomen
No, I don't understand why my wife loves to ride horses around and around but I can plainly see she loves it, so I encourage her enthusiasm, or so I'd like to think, and pray I don't get in the way. She didn't ride horses when I met her. Changes can make a marriage difficult. This change has been as easy as falling off a log, I mean, a horse.
A young bird's first experience with glass
I saw this juvenile Hermit Thrush fly into the window and fall to the deck. It didn't hit that hard, so I was surprised it remained dazed and confused as long as it did. Eventually we put it in a shoebox and brought it inside, planning to take it to Tri-State Bird Rescue in Newark (302 737-9543). When my wife checked on the critter an hour later, it exploded out of the box, dropping purple poop on the door, walls and floors as it flew. Eventually my wife caught it under a towel and very gently put it outside, where it sat still for a few seconds and then was airborne, apparently still healthy and hopefully wiser.
Westminster's Clergy and Staff Welcome You
After morning prayer, a review of the calendar for the next two weeks and a stimulating discussion of Income-Tax Withholding, the clergy and staff of Westminster donned masks for this photo. That's me, tall in back. To learn more about the church that employs me, visit www.wpc.org.

Halloween Costumes
For awhile, you will find 15 photos of Westminster Church's Harvest Festival on their website. Earlier that night, I shot this mother-daughter team in Arden. Will I take time to upload the other ten shots from Arden? Hold your breath!

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