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Welcome to My World
September, 2003

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Too Many Of Me
Here's where I start, with my multiple reflections in the windows of a curved building. Egoist that I am, you can imagine how delighted I was when, walking down the path to the entrance of this building, I was suddenly confronted with not one but a score of images of myself! I couldn't resist taking a photograph. Immediately, a security guard approached, asking, "Do you have permission to take photographs here?" Such confrontations usually put me on the defensive, but not this time. It was a sunny day and I still had a joyful hymn from morning prayer playing in my mind. "Come look at this!" I told her. "Isn't this great!?" She saw what I saw, the two of us reflected many times over. Her walkie-talkie buzzed and she reported to her superiors what she had found, someone without permission photographing their reflections. Truth be told, I also like the tree in the photograph juxtaposed on the steel and glass grid. My reflections are just incidental.

September 11 -- Rescued Mourning Dove
When I first saw this fledgling bird, it was in our cat's mouth. Me, busy as ever, let it be. Usually puncture wounds from cat's teeth are fatal. Besides, if it was on the ground at all, it probably didn't deserve to live. My guess is it was pushed out of its nest by one of its stronger siblings. That's nature's way. Then my wife returned from her walk and took pity. Eventually, she found a neighbor without pressing obligations who delivered the bird to Animal Resue in Newark, Delaware. Did my wife just happen to be wearing her American flag T-shirt on 9/11? Will the dove of peace live?

My Neighbor's Fireworks - Exhibit "A"
Many of my neighbors are artists of one kind or another (www.ArdenArtists.com). One puts on exhibitions of fireworks for a living (www.FireworksConcepts.com). On a beautiful but windy Saturday night, I drove forty miles north into the suburbs west of Philadelphia, near Plymouth Meeting, to photograph a display at a wedding. It is fascinating how radically different fireworks look when photographed with the shutter open one or two seconds.

Re-Designing This Website - Slowly, over a period of many nights, most of which I spent watching baseball games or reading books or watching movies, I have worked to re-design this website, adding a blog, of which this is the first page. Because my work on this website is so sporadic, I made a page just to remind myself what I had decided. Click here to see my thinking.


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